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Rotary Youth Leadership Award

Application window closed

RYLA 2024

Keystone College will once again be the location to bring the RYLA magic to our young people of NEPA.


Dates: June 23 - 27, 2024

High School Sophomores going into Junior year

$375 sponsored by the Rotary of the Pocono Mountains


8. Negotiating

9. Setting Priorities

10. Delegating

11. Interpersonal Relationships

12. Team Building

13. Brain Storming

14. The Responsibility of Leadership

Rotary Youth Leadership Award Conference is held each year at Keystone College in Northeastern PA. It is a 5 day, 4 night leadership program for high school sophomores who have shown leadership potential in their home, school, and community. The conference is designed to introduce participants to thoughts and ideas which will strengthen and develop their leadership skills. It also provides an environment where participants may discuss and exchange their ideas with other students from NEPA.

1. Personal Assessment
2. Personal Goal Setting
3. Time Management
4. Communication and Listening
5. Speaking in Public
6. Leadership Skills
7. Problem Solving/ Decision Making


Each student will be a member of a team during the conference.  

Each team works on a project that is a hands-on experience with student planning,

implementation and evaluation.


Discussion groups are held to share and explore ideas which result from each day's programs.



There is time in the program for organized sports, dancing, and other activities  to develop lasting friendships

with other participants and staff.

The applicant must:

1.  Be a sophomore ready to enter his or her junior year in the fall.
2.  Have shown leadership potential in home, school, and community.
3.  Demonstrate qualities of a good student.
4.  Submit a completed application.
5.  Be selected  and sponsored by their local Rotary Club (RYLA is 100% FREE to conferee's).
6.  Be accepted by the District RYLA Committee.

Let’s Work Together

Interested in being a part of RYLA? Contact us today!

RYLA Applications will open January 2025 - stay tuned

Thanks for submitting!

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